True Crime – The Camden Town Murder of 1907

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True Crime – The Camden Town Murder of 1907

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Infamous Murder Trials from Court One at the Old Bailey

With bestselling true crime author, Thomas Grant QC

Episode 1 – The Camden Town Murder of 1907

Represented by the ‘Great Defender’, Edward Marshall Hall, Robert Wood was tried for the murder of Emily Dimmock, whose naked, near-decapitated body was discovered in her bed. Over the decades, the trial has inspired great works of art and fiction. True crime author, Thomas Grant QC talks to Olly Jarvis about the case and his own views on Wood’s guilt or innocence.


Over the past century, Court Number One at the Old Bailey in London has played host to numerous cause celebres and gruesome murders, occasionally defining society’s changing values and the evolution of the criminal law.

In this series of podcasts, true crime author, Thomas Grant QC discusses some of those cases from his book Court Number one, The old Bailey Trials that Defined Modern Britain with criminal barrister and writer, Olly Jarvis.

Thomas Grant QC

Thomas Grant QC is a practising barrister and author. He lives in Sussex and London.

In his book Court Number One, The Old Bailey Trials That Defined Modern Britain, bestselling true crime author and barrister, Gran explores some of the most important cases over the decades that were tried in this iconic courtroom.

Click here to see The Crime Hub’s review of his book.

His first book, Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories was a Sunday Times bestseller.

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