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The winner of this competition was Carol from Lytham St Anne’s.

Congratulations to Carol who will now receive the 10 books listed below.  


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The Crime Hub Competition

in association with Severn House 


Win ten crime fiction hardbacks!


The Crime Hub is launching its first competition sponsored by publishers Severn House.
In a great piece, Carl Smith, commissioning editor at Severn tells us more about their House and the wonderful books to be won…

When I first heard about The Crime Hub I was instantly excited, and not simply because I work directly with crime fiction. The idea of having interviews dedicated to this market, and in particular the real-life stories behind what goes into the genre, is a great one. After all, fact is often stranger than fiction. 

Olly Jarvis hit the nail on the head when he said how readers of crime fiction demand authenticity. I would argue this is the market where that is required most. Readers of crime fiction, and true crime, are ‘switched on’ when it comes to the nitty gritty of real-life police investigations. Police procedurals, for example, present the investigative process up close and any inaccuracies or flights of fancy in the methods taken by the characters in a novel will be picked up on instantly.

Readers know their stuff. It will break the illusion. The immersion in the story will be lost. Therefore, authenticity is paramount.

At Severn House, we believe that. All of our authors know and believe that. That is why we seek out experienced authors with knowledge of what is ‘authentic’. We are a publisher aimed at the UK and US library market, and look for authors with backgrounds as successful writers here. That means we are home to an impressive list of respected authors from the UK, America and beyond.

High-profile authors include Simon Brett, Paul Doherty, Mike Ripley, William Bayer, Michael Grant, David Hewson, David Mark, Shamini Flint, Simon R Green, Humphrey Hawksley and more. Our authors are experienced hands in the market. They range from winners of the prestigious Crime Writers’ Association Daggers and Edgar Awards, Sunday Times bestselling authors, and even OBE holders. 

With our list we love to find engaging characters readers want to follow on a journey. Not just for one or two books, but hopefully beyond. Taking on authors who have an ongoing series and want to continue that series has become our area of expertise. Long-running series are our specialty. Though we also prove successful with standalones or starting new series afresh with authors, too.

But the bottom line, as with Olly and his reason for The Crime Hub, is that authenticity is central. Our authors know this market better than most, and bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to their work. This experience comes not only from their writing, but their working lives. We have forensic psychologists, former corporate and criminal defence lawyers, homicide detectives and even one former wanted criminal (he is thankfully no longer on the run) writing for us. 

What all of this experience and knowledge means is that if you pick up a Severn House book, you know you will be in the hands of a seasoned crime writer who knows exactly what they’re doing and you’re going to get something authentic. Something essentially years in the making.

Something shaped by a wealth of experience in the crime fiction market. Real life experiences and knowledge combining to create one glorious piece of fiction.

After speaking to Olly, supporting The Crime Hub venture was something we just had to do. His passion for the market and his desire to reveal more about writers and what goes on behind the scenes that readers often don’t get to see is wonderful. That is why we are delighted to sponsor the site and give his visitors the chance to earn a treat and taste of what we are about at Severn House. 

Therefore, we are sponsoring a competition to win ten of our books. (That’s right, ten. The number 10!) Details of the books on offer are below. Simply enter The Crime Hub competition for a chance to win all of these and enjoy some of the best books the crime genre has to offer.

Good luck,

Carl Smith

Commissioning Editor, Severn House

Books that you can win

The Killer in the Choir by Simon Brett

When Carole Seddon dutifully attends a former colleague’s funeral, she couldn’t have predicted that the deceased’s daughter would use the occasion to publicly accuse her stepmother of murder. Deciding to investigate, Carole’s neighbour Jude joins the Fethering community choir and discovers more than she bargained for.

Ball Park by John Farrow

Montreal, 1975. Detective Émile Cinq-Mars is transferring from the Night Patrol – the notoriously tough department of officers in charge of watching over the city as it sleeps – to the day shift. His old superior has seen to it that he’s assigned to partner Yves Giroux, another ex-Night Patrol detective some say isn’t on the ‘up and up’. Getting in a house is easy for thief Quinn Tanner. The stress comes in getting out clean. On finding her getaway driver dead after her latest heist, she goes underground. For his first case on the day shift, Émile is sent to the property that Quinn has just visited, and their paths are set to cross. But has she stolen something more valuable than she realizes . . . and who is hunting for her now?

The Beijing Conspiracy by Shamini Flint

Jack Flint receives a letter with a hand-printed address and a rectangle of Chinese stamps. It is from Xia, a Chinese woman he knew a quarter of a century ago – when he was an American spy, and she was a student leader in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. The letter will lead him back to China, and back into his past.

Cold, Cold Heart by A J Cross

For ten years, David Lockman has been serving a life sentence for murder. Now an appeal judge has decreed the evidence unsatisfactory and the original verdict unsafe. Tasked with re-examining the case, forensic psychologist Kate Hanson and her team unearth serious flaws in the original investigation. But if Lockman isn’t the killer, who is?

Devil’s Fjord by David Hewson

Tristan Haraldsen is looking forward to a peaceful semi-retirement in the beautiful yet isolated Faroe Islands. But when the suspicious disappearance of two boys leads to the discovery of a series of dark secrets, Haraldsen comes to realize that this may not be the rural paradise he imagined…

Fatal Ally by Tim Sebastian

After a carefully planned operation goes catastrophically wrong, MI6’s Margo Lane is ordered to deliver a message the White House won’t forget. Fatal Ally is a riveting, literate and almost unbearably tense thriller which explores a world where emotions are lethal distractions – and your conscience can get you killed.

The Garden Club Murder by Amy Patricia Meade

Literary chef Tish Tarragon is preparing her English Secret Garden-themed luncheon for Coleton Creek’s annual garden club awards, but two days before the event one of the competitors is found dead in his pristine garden. After hearing that he was the favourite to win the top prize this year, Tish can’t help being drawn into the investigation…

The Mausoleum by David Mark

Grieving the loss of her son, Cordelia Hemlock seeks out the company of the dead, taking comfort in the local churchyard. During a storm, she sees a corpse that doesn’t belong among the crumbling bones. Cordelia begins to investigate, but there are those who believe the village’s secrets should remain buried . . . whatever the cost.

Mr Campion’s War by Mike Ripley

It’s Albert Campion’s seventieth birthday, and he has decided to enthral his guests at the Dorchester Hotel with his account of his wartime experiences in Vichy France more than twenty-five years before. But in doing so he unveils a series of extraordinary events, the repercussions of which put one of his guests in deadly danger . . .

Murder in the Dark by Simon R Green

“The past is England’s dreaming, and not all of it sleeps soundly . . .”

Ishmael Jones has been dispatched to assist a group of scientists who are investigating a mysterious black hole which has appeared on a Somerset hillside. Could it really be a doorway to another dimension? When one of the scientists disappears into the hole – with fatal consequences – Ishmael must prove whether it was an accident – or murder.

How to Enter…

Answer these ten questions correctly and we will draw the winner out of a hat on the 30th September – the launch day of the exciting new thriller by AJ Cross – Dark Truths 

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