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Dark Truths by AJ Cross

AJ Cross is well known for her crime novels featuring forensic psychologist Dr Kate Hanson.

Severn House Publishers are launching her new series with some fascinating new characters including criminologist,  William Traynor. Dark Truths is the first in the series in which Cross undoubtedly draws on her own experiences and expertise gained from a career as a forensic psychologist.

Review by The Crime Hub

Dark Truths is a fantastic read and begins with the gruesome discovery of decapitated runner, Zoe Roberts in the car park of the Blackfoot Trail in the East Midlands.

Chief Superintendent Brophy, obsessed with positive PR and quick results instructs DI Bernard Watts to head up the investigative team and collaborate with overzealous rookie, Chloe Judd, and Will Traynor, a fascinating but deeply troubled criminologist. Another main character, Connnie Chong gives the reader a unique insight into the world of pathology.

This book is full of twists and turns and each member of the team has a competing set of priorities. Watts is in a race against time to solve the crime as details are leaked to the press and public interest threaten to derail the whole investigation.  The tension grows when details of three more skulls buried at the Blackfoot Trail emerge. The victims do not appear to have any connection whatsoever. 

What is the connection between this random group of victims? Only ‘psychological and criminological theorizing’ provides the solution and the investigation weaves this way and that until the dramatic conclusion of this gripping and addictive mystery.

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