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You can find below details of all the audio short stories that have been produced exclusively for The Crime Hub.


Short Stories

Murder at the Palace


Written by Gyles Brandreth

Narrated by Stephen Fry

When Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle attend a party at the Palace, the evening takes a sinister turn.



False Impressions: The art of the con

Written by Sam Blake

Narrated by Susannah Fielding

When twins Ruby and Scarlett O’Malley realise that their step-mother is spending their inheritance they must act fast to save their father’s art collection. But not everything goes to plan. Shocked to discover that their first impressions are false, they have a lot to learn in the art of the con.

The Plater


Written by Ann Cleeves

Narrated by Alfred Molina

Ever wondered about the people standing at motorway service stations carrying car registration plates and thumbing a lift?

But in this haunting tale the story unfolds as the the plater stops for a hitchhiker.

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Written by Olly Jarvis

Narrated by Tim Pigott-Smith

A twisting tale which explores the thought processes of ageing barrister, Harry Fox while cross-examining the alleged victim of a marital rape. Things are never what they seem…

Colonel Clay - Master of Disguise

Episode 1 - The Mexican Seer

Nobody can fool morally dubious millionaire Sir Charles Vandrift. Certainly not Herrera, a mildly entertaining conjurer. So how come Vandrift is duped of £5000? The Riviera police think someone called Colonel Clay is responsible. Who’s he?

Episode 2 - The Diamond Links

Sir Charles and Lady Vandrift are visiting Lucerne. A shifty land broker seems keen for them to invest in an attractive scheme. But is the business-genius millionaire going to be scammed by master criminal Clay a second time?

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Who is Colonel Clay? Does the master of crime actually exist? Sir Charles is beginning to imagine the criminal is everywhere. Has Clay, somehow, infiltrated the Vandrift’s home? 


The cleverest detective in England is on the track of the wily Clay. An arrest is imminent. But who, actually, is likely to be collared?

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